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  • Paige Payer

    If u have glasses take them off. Oh my word! Weird. That is weird! So funny!

  • Carrie Hess

    Einstein or Marilyn-- CREEPY! Must try this! Optical illusion! (To see Marilyn Monroe put screen about a foot away and even squint your eyes! Weird, huh?)

  • Bill T Miller (BTM)

    Cool OPTICAL ILLUSION - VISION TEST - Normal Vision People will see Albert Einstein in the Picture - Near-Sighted People will see Marilyn Monroe. If you see Einstein then step back a ways (or remove glasses) to see Marilyn appear. originally spotted on

  • Caitlin Updike

    So weird! Glasses off, Marilyn Monroe, glasses on, Albert Einstein =|

  • play. wash. rinse. repeat.

    Crazy! #visiontest #marilynmonroe #edwardeinstein

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my brother's ankles always popped incessantly.

Totally got me…totally amazing how we see what we are told to see and ty to @Julie H for sharing

It seriously works!! You just have to stare at it long and hard like you want to kill it.

Now that I think about it...I probably wouldn't recognize my clone either... Very interesting!

How…????? Is this …I'm confused. How does this even work???

Nothing will blow your mind quite like this case…

That's so weird.. it totally worked... i don't understand... WHAT?!??

The day that Albert Einstein feared may have finally arrived.

Haha what the heck?!?!?! I love it. Erin from the office is on here stuffing it into a blender.