Wear fabulous #underwear even if you are the only person who is going to see it. #Confidence booster.

Wouldnt mind it one bit


I believe!




"Pour yourself a drink 🍸, Put some lipstick on 💄, And pull yourself together 💯" -Elizabeth Taylor 💋

"Never leave the house in sweats. A girl must be prepared to meet a dashing stranger or old enemy." - I always run into someone I know when I look my worse, lol. I need to remember this!

Wise words from an 8-year-old: "Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it."❤️

Do more of what makes you happy. - Sports Motivation Quotes #motivational #Inspirational #SportsMotivationalQuote #InspirationalQuote

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Who hasn't thought about this? lol

Always remember

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amen to that

Words to live by

Chase Your Dreams