Wear fabulous #underwear even if you are the only person who is going to see it. #Confidence booster.

Wouldnt mind it one bit

mind-blowing thought. So ready to see who God has planned for me!

Words to live by

All girls should remember this.

My favorite quote.

So true and if my son grows up to be the mna my husband is, he will make some woman a very happy lady!


True ligon5429 favorite quotes and sayings

amen ladies!

so true

Boys: please listen up

Only one person in my life has burned me twice . . . she asked for a second chance, I gave it to her . . . I trusted she was truly sorry . . . I forgive her, but will never trust her again! Burned twice is a lesson learned.

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something i need to work on!

you are wonderful, beautiful and special

"Don't settle." has been the raging theme of the past year of my life... everyone refused to let me settle.