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    • im.becoming.ana

      "According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly one out of every 25 girls and women will have anorexia in their lifetime. Most will deny that they have an eating disorder."


      "The big thing at my house is getting on the scale every day" #eatingdisorders #bodyimage #whatdoyouweigh #bcintrosoc

    • Jessica Crafton

      Anorexia, and all other eating disorders make me sad. No Girl should ever feel unpretty, or fat! Every Girl is Beautiful in their own skin!

    • Kristina Shearer

      When adolescent girls suffer with eating disorders, their whole perspective on their own body image is completely wrong. They look in the mirror and see a different, ugly, heavier person. They make up this person in their head and see her in the mirror. Eating disorders cause low self esteem and depression, and vice versa.

    • Christina Roghair

      Trust me, please. That girl you see in the mirror, is SOOO much more beautiful than you think. TRUST ME! Ladie, you may see the girl in the mirror as 'fat' or 'chubby' Its still beautiful.

    • Tessa Armstrong

      Sad reality of what some women see. See yourself as the beautiful child of God that you are..dont live looking into the mirror and hating what you see, get some help NOW and begin to see the real you, the BEAUTIFUL you.

    • Holly Jackson

      Anorexia ad - and the sad thing is that she is looking at the "herself" in the reflection as "fat" and she's beautiful. We come in varied shapes and sizes. We need to teach HEALTH rather than stick figure. What are we doing?? It's messed up!

    • Mara Sigmon

      Stop all eating disorders. The sad thing is, what this girl sees as 'fat' is actually completely healthy and beautiful.

    • Sama El Zaher

      Anorexia ad... the sad part is that the girl in the mirror is beautiful!

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    Shocking. Sickening. Powerful. Sad how many young girls hate their bodies because they won't look like those photoshopped magazine models!!!

    I'VE THOUGHT THIS STORY ALREADY!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH IT EXISTS IN SOMEONE ELSE'S MIND AS WELL! (that in itself is an interesting concept.) Two completely different people who intimately know the same character of an unpublished, unwritten, untold story.)