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  • Kristina Shearer

    When adolescent girls suffer with eating disorders, their whole perspective on their own body image is completely wrong. They look in the mirror and see a different, ugly, heavier person. They make up this person in their head and see her in the mirror. Eating disorders cause low self esteem and depression, and vice versa.

  • Jenna Johnson

    Society puts a lot of pressure on young girls to try and look a certain way. This pressure to fit the desired look has a big affect on eating disorders. By teaching girls that there are many different types of beauty is the step that society and media need to take.

  • Persify Interest

    Social cultural environment is key factor that affect self image. Too many are dying to be slim. Don't let her think like this. She is beautiful. Say NO to eating disorder

  • miranda reimche

    Scary, unfortunate, and unreal is how I describe this picture. Anorexia victims have false self-perception of themselves visualized. I think the person in the mirror is beautiful and perfect just the way she is. I was expecting an obese person to be looking back at her as her reflection but it's a beautiful version of her and the fact that what she sees is fat is terrible. Again thanks society and media for telling girls that's not good enough.

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