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My sentiments exactly

So true! Some people decide that when you let them cross the street, that would be a good time for them to see exactly how slow they can walk without actually stopping.

Funny Ecards

Ecard: Nothing says 'I mean business' like using a cart at the liquor store.( or Total Wine)

I don't have time for your shit, Ke$ha! AH HAHAHA!!! Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing!!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: The first thing I do when I realize I don't know where I'm going is turn down the radio. I don't have time for your shit I'm lost.

I might have to try this...only it's usually my kid's teacher when I don't recognize the number.

Next time you get an unknown number. Funny saying / phone prank / cards / humor

Yeah that happens to me lol

People maybe think it's ridiculous that I wear makeup almost every day. And so I always wear makeup.

Bill collector what! LoL

ok i really need to remember this. i get random numbers calling me all the time!


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There's nothing more terrifying than making eye contact with a mall kiosk employee