And this is what HP really is all about.


Harry potter

I was so sad they left this out of the movie, it was one of the most beautiful moments in the book.

HP facts!(Why they should have been together then ;)

These Awesome Posters Show A Darker Ending To Harry Potter - a pretty accurate depiction of what would happen to our favorite Hogwarts alumni if Voldemort didn’t die.

HP is an epic love story. period.

Harry Potter is...

Just cried a little...

Bahahaha! Whoever did this certainly loves HP!

Emma is amazing

Love this picture. Her backstory is so sad :(

HP Zodiac

Hagrid :( You know, there are deaths in HP that are difficult to handle (Snape, Lupin, Dobby, Fred), but if Hagrid had eve died, that would have been it for me. I would NOT have been able to handle that AT ALL.



Deathly Hallows: never thought about it like that. They unwittingly played out the three brothers.

Wanna cry? Watch this. Daniel Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter.