Copycat McDonald's #Mocha #Frappe Recipe - except healthier! #recipe

Imitation McDonald's Mocha Frappe Recipe - except healthier!

If you are you looking for a healthier version of the McDonald's Mocha Frappe then here is your recipe - with half the fat, of the sugar, and the calories this is a much healthier option.

Compare a Homemade Vanilla Mocha Frappe with a McDonald's one - you will be shocked at how many calories you are saving by making your own!

Imitation McDonald's Mocha Frappe Recipe - except healthier!

Do you love Mocha Frappes'? You will be SHOCKED at how many calories they have in them! Here is a imitation Mocha Frappe recipe, tastes w the original but with half the calories and fat, and less sugar!

1-1/2 cups lemon juice, 1 cup sugar, and 5-1/2 cups lukewarm water. Stir to dissolve sugar in juice, then add the water.

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Chick-fil-a copycat lemonade Ingredients: Lemons for cups fresh lemon juice (Sunkist) 1 cup granulated sugar (or Splenda) When using Splenda only cup, then taste & add more to your preference cups water.

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40 Fabulous Restaurant Copycat Recipes - going to have to try some of these! Especially the chick-fil-a nuggets!

This is a great Copycat Recipe for Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino! #recipes

Starbucks Mocha Frappucino

Looking for a copycat recipe starbucks mocha frappuccino? Made by someone that has a LOT of experience tasting Starbucks best!

McDonald's Mocha Frappe recipe. Gotta do this, instead of the 560 cal in McDonald's version!

On impulse I ordered a mocha frappe at McDonald& and UM YUMMY. The ingredients didn& seem hard to figure out: I guessed coffee, chocola.

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Secret Copycat Restaurant Recipes – McDonald’s Big Mac and Special Sauce Copycat Recipes= tastes pretty good but a lot of work lol

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Copycat Recipes: McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Recipe -- I wouldn't use some of these ingredients, but it's worth a shot

<3 McDonald's Big Mac Recipe,,,she breaks it down pretty good...I've read/tried a lot of recipes...on line for the secret "special" sauce recipe,,,,this one says "mustard" the key....

McDonald's Big Mac

So shoot me- i do like Big Mac sauce and i will make it low carb! :) DIY: McDonald's Big Mac Copycat Recipe= good to have the sauce for cookout nights

Mocha Frappe Recipe

Mocha Frappe

How to make Mocha Frappe - Ingredients:Espresso - cup, coldChocolate Syrup - 5 to 6 tblspCoffee Ice Cream - 2 cupsIce Cubes - 2 cups, Mix all the