Glitter Blast Shoe Save

old converse turned glitter shoes

Good for scuffed shoes

scuffed shoes

Great idea for kids shoes that are scuffed up- but in otherwise good condition!

Sparkle toe shoes - fix scuffed shoes

I think I am going to do this to all the scuffed up shoes I have.

glitter to disguise kids' scuffed shoes

Gold leaf scuffed shoes

Who knew that you could spray paint shoes to "fix" peeling and scuffed vinyl? Apparently, it is possible.

Spray paint your shoes!

vintage linen turned lampshade

Glitter Heel Fix

Repurpose scuffed shoes with duct tape, mod podge and acrylic sealer. She had another post earlier with black and white zebra mary janes. so cute.

Glitterize - I love these all way too much. i.e.-make the cutest little glitter magnets ever.

DIY: Glitter Shoes Tutorial

Glitter T-Shirt

Glitter Flats

Glitterize a pair of tights for the fall/winter

Fabric Stamping and Printing with shoes! Buy at the thrift store & yard sales cheap & make ur own fabulous fabric prints.

glitter state - cut your home state out on glitter paper, glue to canvas!