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less sleep more coffee more books more bike rides more hiking more swimming more dogs more ice cream

I've been expecting what I wanted people to be but I've been wrong the whole time because I've been proven that some people are just not at my level! SAD!

My Soulful Homefrom My Soulful Home

Soulful Sundays - thankful for all the "turns"

Wonderful quote on being thankful on this the start of November - the month of particular thankfulness.

Unitedfrom United

Ladies 'Drunk on You & High on Summertime' Tank Top

I'm a Little Drunk on You & High on Summertime! Luke Bryan is the Greatest Country Concert to go to.


Hugs Print

Sometimes you need to just hug it out

So true! I must agree especially all these sleepless nights with my sweet Tucker

Totally agree. I know way too many women who go from one relationship to another and never enjoy their "alone" time.

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, & it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring♥ absolute favorite quote. I love Marilyn Monroe

Don't take advantage of kind people - don't exoect nice people to put up with every annoyance forever...Remember this.... Consider the needs & feelings of others. So true!

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