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Little Ballerina - I can't wait!! Just a few more months and I can put my daughter in dance lessons!!

If my Lee P. had a baby girl, this would have been a perfect pic for her;) baby ballerina

Ashley Dress in Gray and Katey Leggings in Carbon by Joah Love... Think this is the cutest little girls outfit

Adorable. Tiny ballet slippers. Where it all begins... < --------- Original Pinner <3 Yes, it does start with those tiny lil' feet. June 19th is the Colossal Class #1. I'm starting off in a class with 5 year olds for a 5 week intro to Ballet. LOL, I luv kids and I'm excited to begin my classes with them. In August, I will begin my Fall Adult Ballet Class, so these 5 weeks should prep me alil' :-) . I'm pretty loosened up do to yoga so it won't be a shocker I assume but we will see...... <3

I remember when I looked like this (of course my hair was in a bun, though). So filled with eagerness hopefulness amazement. Back when I dreamed of being a Prima Ballerina ... this little girl with her friends around her encompass that first ballet class and initial sparkle. Perfection.

Little hipster baby boy outfit inspiration! Check out goodwill for kids clothes!