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80's Touch

Father's Day is a week away, and these nerdy Star Wars & Dr Who Cufflinks would make the ultimate alternative to a bad tie!

via cosplayingwhileblack cosplayingwhilebl...

...the very words I live by.

Sorry non-whovians, you don't get the reference.

The Eleventh Hour poster by balancedpersonality #Doctor_Who

Run away with the Doctor

The Shining twins costume

Bob’s Burgers Cosplay

The Nintendomnicrom 64

New Tetris record: Clearing 40 lines in less than 20 seconds

Keep Calm Sci-Fi Generation style

Your cards will be very well protected...if they survived the freezing process, that is.

A dragon made of Laser Pegs LED light-up blocks was on display in the lobby at Toy Fair 2013.

NYCC 2012 - Alex Garner

nOir Jewelry's Wonder Woman bracelets

10 Smartest People Alive Today

What appears to be a solid block of carbonite containing a tiny Han Solo is actually a spring-loaded case that holds a dozen business cards. This is the case you‘re looking for! Grab one, then go about your business. Move along.

Cowboy Bebop - Edward

#MSL Curiosity and its shadow!

Triumphant #MSL team: