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    "Stando in cima ai gradini più elevati dell’anfiteatro, è forza ammettere che non vi è stato mai pubblico in un teatro, il quale abbia potuto godere di vista uguale." J.W. #Goethe - #Taormina (5 Maggio, 1787) - "Now, sitting down at the spot where formerly sat the uppermost spectators, you confess at once that never did any audience, in any theatre, have before it such a spectacle as you there behold." J.W. Goethe - Taormina (May 5, 1787) #IlikeItaly #Italia #Italy Visit Sicily - Official Page

    Il #Cioccolato di #Modica (Ragusa, Sicilia) The Modica's #Chocolate (Ragusa, Sicily) #IlikeItaly #Italia #Italy

    Isola di Marettimo - Isole Egadi - Trapani - Sicilia Island of Marettimo - Aegadian Islands - Trapani - Sicily Photo by: Robyn Hooz - Flickr

    Riserva dello Zingaro (Provincia di Trapani) / Zingaro Nature Reserve (Province of Trapani) #Sicilia #Sicily #mare #sea #summer #estate #seascape #IlikeItaly

    #Villa #romana del #Casale - #PiazzaArmerina - #Enna / Villa Romana del Casale (trans. Roman Country Villa) - Piazza Armerina - Enna #Sicilia #Sicily #UNESCO Patricia Nickens Derryberry Sicily - Official Page #IlikeItaly #architecture #architettura #Italia #Italy

    San Vito lo Capo - #Trapani #SanVito #IlikeItaly #mare #sea #Sicilia #Sicily #summer #estate #couscous #festival #

    Monte #Etna - Catania / Mount Etna - Catania #IlikeItaly #vulcano #volcano #UNESCO Patricia Nickens Derryberry Sicily - Official Page #Italy #Italia #ItaliaIT

    Sua Maestà l'Etna, il più grande vulcano attivo in Europa, entrato a far parte della world Heritage List dell'UNESCO nel giugno del 2013. /// Her Majesty the Mount Etna, the European Continent’s most active volcano, has earned its stripes as an UNESCO World Heritage Site (June, 2013). #Etna #Vulcano #Mount #Catania #Sicilia #Sicily #UNESCO #ItaliaIT #Italy

    Teatro Greco di Taormina (Messina) #Taormina #Sicilia #ItaliaIT #Italy

    Siracusa e le necropoli rupestri di Pantalica. La città conserva in ogni angolo ricordi delle sue antiche vestigia, tra testimonianze classiche e splendori barocchi, in uno scenario di irresistibile bellezza. /// Syracuse and the Necropolis of Pantalica. The city conserves ancient vestiges in every niche and corner, from Classical testimonies to Baroque splendors, all within a landscape of enchanting beauty. #Siracusa #Syracuse #Pantalica #Necropoli #Necropolis #ItaliaIT #Italy #UNESCO

    Chiesa della Martorana - Palermo. L’atmosfera magica che avvolge la chiesa è certamente legata alla meravigliosa decorazione musiva. ///// Church of the Martorana - Palermo. The magical atmosphere surrounding the church is certainly tied to the marvelous mosaics. #Martonara #Chisa #Church #Palermo #Sicily #ItaliaIT #Italy

    Beautiful streets ~ Taormina ~ Sicily ~ Italy

    Godetevi questa splendida vista su #Panarea - Isole #Eolie - Messina - #Sicilia Enjoy this wonderful view of Panarea - #Aeolian #Islands - Messina - #Sicily

    Beautiful streets ~ Taormina ~ Sicily ~ Italy


    The Christ Pantokrator - Cathedral-Basilica of Monreale - Palermo

    Old Windmill In The Saltworks Of Marsala - Trapani - Marsala is located on the Capo Lilibeo promontory and Its production of wine is famous throughout the world. The ancient Lilybaeum founded by the Carthaginians in the early years of the 4th c. bc was then occupied by the Arabs, who called it Mars-el-Allah (harbour of God).

    Ortigia, the island of Syracuse - An attractive natural harbour, closed off to the east by the island of Ortigia – the most ancient urban centre – provides the setting for Syracuse, with the upland ledge of Epipoli in the background. Regarded as one of the most important archaeological sites in Magna Graecia, it still has traces of its glorious past in every corner of the city.

    "Vos et ipsam Civitatem benedicimus" - "I bless you and your city" Our Lady of the Letter - Patron Saint of Messina. The statue stands atop a spire at the sea entrance to the harbor at Messina. According to popular legend, the Virgin Mary presented a letter to Messina residents who visited her in Palestine in 42 AD, congratulating the city on their Christian conversion.

    Caltagirone (Catania) is famous for its ancient ceramic art which supplied the décor of many churches and buildings in the centre. The highest expression of its baroque soul is Santa Maria del Monte with an impressive stairway decorated with polychromatic majolica. Caltagirone is one of the eight gorgeous late-Baroque cities of the Noto Valley in Sicily.

    Temple of Hera (Juno) Lacinia - Valley of the Temples - Agrigento - Extending over approximately 1,300 hectares, the Valley of the Temples recounts a millenary history that began in the 6th Century B.C. with the foundation of the ancient Greek colony of Akragas.

    Acireale - Catania - Clustered on a series of lava terraces that drop to the sea, Acireale is a historical spa. In Piazza del Duomo, the elegant 'salon' of the town, stand the eighteenth-century cathedral and the town hall. As you stroll through the centre, stop at a bakers to taste the excellent Sicilian cakes and pastries.

    Modica - Noto Valley - Ragusa Situated in southeastern Sicily, Val di Noto with its eight gorgeous late-Baroque cities – became one of the 47 Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002. The eight cities are: Caltagirone, Militello Val di Catania, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo, Ragusa and Scicli. The cities’ architecture, urban plan and decorations constitute the culmination of one of the last periods of Baroque’s flourish in Europe.

    Chiesa Madre dell'Immacolata Concezione - Centuripe - Enna

    Cefalù - Palermo - Sicily Known, from the 4th c. bc onwards, as Cephaloedium (Greek kephalos means ‘head’ – because the promontory overlooking it is shaped like a small head), Cefalù was conquered by the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Arabs. Re-built by the Normans, it embarked on a long period of peace. A maritime centre with good facilities, Cefalù is famous for its cathedral, founded in 1131 by Roger II.