Libellés : Art2, Vee Speers, dad currently has added this piece of art to our hallway

Birthday Party by Vee Speers


Vee Speers ( from ‘The Birthday Party’, 2007. )

Daddy daughter must have, dad and little girl photo. Daddy tossing little girl / daughter up in the air. Love.

colorful walkway


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so sweet.

Educational Centre 'En El Chaparral' by architect Alejandro Muñoz Miranda (2010), a kindergarten in Granada, Spain.

a floor of confetti!

Hieperdepiep Hoera 500 volgers. Dank jullie wel allemaal.

Wonderland 'The Queen's Armada' By Kirsty Mitchell

Daddy Day Care : )

✯ Everything flows .. By Sophia Michailidou ✯


I just fell in love. I think I'll just have this little girl! :)

This bizarre portrait is from the portfolio of Madame Peripetie. Madame manages to recreate the sometimes awkward nature of mainstream fashion shoots, while adding a unique dimension of fake hair, balloon lips, and so much more.  Surreal Fashion Photography by Madame Peripetie via Ape on the Moon

great father/ son photo

Brian's work

vivid color