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Story of my life.When does the 8 hours start, when I go to bed or when I actually go to sleep. If 8 hours is good for you then I bet 10 or 12 hours has to be better, right?

OMG this used to be me when I was a teen! .... Then a really scary, yet funny experience completely cured me of this fear!  LOL!

Its funny last night I was looking out and I told myself that no one's face is going to appear then my brother went outside, he jumped in front of the window and screamed.scared me half to death. Never looking out the window ever again.

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Yesterday the funeral of the father of my doctor, He was ignoring me on porpouse. after 15 minutes me and my dad where totally collapsing of the laughter and his family was seeing us like.

Its me isn't it?

Me. That friend is me. Ask literally any of my friends. Don't ask acquaintances they will call me quite af. Ask my friends.


Every chip bag in the store. I always try to feel for the bag that has the most chips.

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Or when they brake you come up with clever ideas to fix them . Ok so I only have five on my wrist

Girls are the final copy

girls boys win humor jokes burn joke teen quote girl quotes funny joke oooh BURN>>>SO funny!


Mom you asked a question if I don't answer it you yell at me when I do lavender it you yell stop talking back there is no way to win here

I've done this

LOL funny true true story humor school class i can relate so true teen quotes relatable funny quotes so relatable.or now when at work talking to the smartest person in the work (yes you know the one)