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    I like the idea of using this phrase with one of the maps I have...

    There's something about this I really love. Can't figure it out. The sofa, maybe? DIY Tea Pot Lamp

    Vintage black globe table lamp, upcycled from antique copper lamp base.(sold on etsy)

    ♥ this globe pendant light. it's good feung shui to incorporate those life goals into your interior design (i.e. 'travel the world'). until then, this is such an easy project to do on a quiet weekend afternoon.

    Globes go Lampshade. #repurposed "lobe hemisphere lamps. Vintage globes with antique gold and bronze faux-finished intertior. Leather trim and acrylic finish on exterior. Currently available: Blue and green colored globes, hanging pendant or harp style"

    repurposed globe becomes a clock...

    diy globe lamp (apparently you take a vintage illuminated globe and peel off the map? directions are in swedish.)

    Mini buntings and a vintage spool AND a vintage globe?It's almost to cute for my cute-o-meter. Not really . . .that never happens. However, this is how I roll.

    cool idea--do this with matthew 28:19-20 "go and make disciples of all nations..."

    I want to make this...but come up with something equally clever like "I am Home" .. or "wander where you may"...or something...I guess I will do it when I come up with something clever...whenever that may be :-)