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Baking Party:  decorate chef hat with cupcake wrapper flowers

Baking Party: Give each girl an apron and paper chef hat with their name out of stickers and embellished with a cupcake liner/coffee filter flower.

Cupcake Baking Party Cake

A Very Sweet Pink Cupcake Baking Birthday Party - Ideas on DIY decorations, printables, food activities and favors a girl celebration!

cupcake baking party

Last Minute Party Ideas

Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Place number on cake, sprinkle with sprinkles. Okay, this was a cute idea, but time consuming, trying to the sprinkles onto the cake. And the number stuck so I had to refrost the bare portion. Cake was a huge hit though!

Baking with kids leads to messes! This page has got a few tips to contain it.  Icing in a muffin tin=genius!

Decorating Cupcakes with Kids with Less Mess

Icing in a CUPCAKE TIN! Baking with kids leads to messes! Icing in a muffin tin=genius!