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Baby chocobo, from Final Fantasy.

no Final Fantasy is complete without a Chocobo :)

You Will Never Look At Final Fantasy 7 The Same Way Again

girlsbydaylight: FF7 ACC by diamond dust on pixiv

FFVII. I restarted the game so many times trying to keep this from happening. I couldn't believe there was no way to avoid it...

Final fantasy by *Clearmirror-StillH2O on deviantART

Inspiration for character: Nira [Fantasy variant] (Paladin by lorlandchain deviantart)

Cancerous Cloud over here! So glad I didn't get a 13 character.

Warrior Of Light,Firion,Onion Knight,Cecil Harvey,Bartz Klauser,Terra Branford,Cloud Strife,Squall Leonhart,Zidane Tribal And Tidus From Dissidia Final Fantasy