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    • Tina Dicarlo

      Pineapple Jack o Lantern! This would be a great idea for Halloween in the DR!!

    • Amy D'Amico

      Pineapple Jack o Lantern. Halloween, it's not just for pumpkins!

    • Aura'Lee Bajala

      Pineapple Jack o Lantern. Who needs a pumpkin jackolantern. lol.

    • Ashley Sawyer

      Pineapple Jack o Lantern, Wow! Fun for a summer party!

    • Mélusine Alenvers

      DIY Lantern out of a pineapple for Halloween #fun #pumpkin | Une lanterne dans un ananas pour Halloween !

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    Pineapple Jack-o-Lantern. -- *Bonus, you get to eat the inside... NOT just the seeds*

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    Jack o Lantern - The practice of decorating “jack-o’-lanterns”—the name comes from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack—originated in Ireland, where large turnips and potatoes served as an early canvas. Irish immigrants brought the tradition to America, home of the pumpkin, and it became an integral part of Halloween festivities

    "Sure son, we’re going trick or treating, you'll get lot's of candy, I’ll meet single mom's, maybe even find you a bro or a sis. We'll go home later and (if's there is a later, hahaha(whispers the Great Pumpkin) the father looks around, thought he heard something) Let's go son, we'll take a shortcut to get back home", "but pa, I thought we were going to get more candy?" "Oh we will, we'll stop at some homes on the way there" "okay pa"..."In this mornings news, the disappearance of...."

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    Pumpkin. lol i don't know why I like this evil pumpkin so much

    Light; Aglow: means to glow. The candle inside of the jack-o-lantern is making the face glow.