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7 tips for growing mad giant basil plants

7 tips for growing mad giant basil plants | Offbeat Home

The Prairie Homesteadfrom The Prairie Homestead

Lemongrass - How to Grow it and Use it

Lemongrass is a fabulous addition to your recipes and surprisingly easy to grow! You can even propagate it from cuttings.


Speaking of the Garden...

1tsp epsom salts in 4 c warm water....spray on plant and then 10 days later it produces more fruit due to boost of magnesium... especially for tomatoes, peppers and roses

I wish I would have read this BEFORE I harvested my cilantro and killed it. This site has of tips for growing, harvesting, storing & recipes for all herbs.

Old Farmer's Almanacfrom Old Farmer's Almanac


Harvesting basil: every time a branch has six to eight leaves, repeat pruning the branches back to their first set of leaves.

You put in your zip code, and it tells you what plants you should be planting now. You can even look ahead a few months to plan out your garden!

Use a lemon, orange or a grapefruit to start your seedlings. Plant the entire thing in the ground and the peels will compost directly into the soil to nourish the plants as they grow..

Whole New Momfrom Whole New Mom

How to Regrow Food in Water

Did you know you can grow in water? You can grow organic veggies in water only! Learn what plants grow in water.

ThriftyFunfrom ThriftyFun

Growing Cucumbers

Here are some tips for growing cucumbers.