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    I have not seen this Walter Brennan classic Christmas song posted on YouTube so I thought I'd be the first. This was my Dad's all-time favorite Christmas alb...

    WALTER BRENNAN Just 3 Letters for Christmas - YouTube

    ▶ Darlene Gillespie - So This Is Love - YouTube

    ▶ Peter Pan - You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly (Finale) - YouTube

    ▶ Beauty and the Beast (Complete) - YouTube

    1969 TV Guide Ad Bewitched Flying Nun That Girl ABC TV Thursday Night Promo Ad

    ♫ ♪ Do Lord, Oh do Lord, Oh do remember me, ♪ ♫ Do Lord, Oh do Lord, Oh do remember me. ♫ ♪ Do Lord, Oh do Lord, Oh do remember me, ♪ ♫ Way beyond the blue.

    Garter belt to keep nylons in place.

    How grandmothers used to look and the shoes they wore

    Used to get these on good papers in school! Oh my gosh!! I so remember these!!

    The Legend of the Christmas Stocking

    1960s Gold Circle Chain Belt.We wore these with our "shift" dresses. HAD ONE!

    We always wore Baby Doll Pajamas in the summertime. Yep !

    When I was a kid I thought this was the coolest thing! I made labels for everything! don't make any mistakes or you have to start over :) (all of our VHS tapes, of shows and movies we recorded from tv, were labelled with these)

    Archie comic books. Loved/hated Veronica; preferred but was always somehow disappointed by Betty! Archie and his friends was addictive! - another great one for me was the adventures of Katie Keene.... anybody 'member her?

    Prell Shampoo


    I remember this

    ▶ I'm Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!) - YouTube


    I remember these.

    Blast from the past. What was Protein 21? And, I think I can still smell the Faberge Organics shampoo

    I loved this gum.

    Loved these!

    a way to remember every little inch