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    • Shandelyn Rios

      Juana Galán - June 6,1808, battle in Valdepeñas vs. Napoleon's troops, there was a lack of sufficient men to defend the village. She encouraged women to go out and fight. Other women poured hot water through windows and boiling hot oil on the road, while she was armed with a baton. She took to the street to fight against the French cavalry. Through this battle, the French army abandoned the province of La Mancha and was delayed at the Battle of Bailén, which ended in victory for the Spaniards.

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    This fierce lady is Juana Galán. When Napolean's army came to her town,she rallied the women to overthrow the soldiers with boiling oil.She carried a large club, and beated any French soldier that came her way. And she was only 21 years old! (Paraphrasing from original source.)

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    Juana Galán was known for beating Napoleon’s troops out of her village during the Battle of Valdepeñas in June, 1808. There weren’t enough men to defend the village from invading French. Juana, 21, immediately rallied all of the women in the village. When the French troops marched in, the women dumped boiling oil on top of them. Juana stood in the street with a large club and beat seven shades of shit out of any French soldier that crossed her path. The French never returned.

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