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      Juana Galán - June 6,1808, battle in Valdepeñas vs. Napoleon's troops, there was a lack of sufficient men to defend the village. She encouraged women to go out and fight. Other women poured hot water through windows and boiling hot oil on the road, while she was armed with a baton. She took to the street to fight against the French cavalry. Through this battle, the French army abandoned the province of La Mancha and was delayed at the Battle of Bailén, which ended in victory for the Spaniards.

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    Maria Mitchell: first American female to be a professional astronomer, discovered a comet, now know as Miss Mitchell's Comet

    Felisa Rincón de Gautier, was the first woman mayor of a capital American city. She served as Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico for over 20 years. She was an active participant in the suffragist movement, the fifth woman who officially registered to vote, and served as goodwill ambassador for four presidents. She revamped the San Juan public health system, established the school of medicine, and created the first pre-school centers, Las Escuelas Maternales, on which the Head Start program is based.

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    "Civil Rights Activist Amelia Boynton Robinson, 1927. Her history of activism began at age 9 handing out leaflets for Women's Suffrage. A photo of her and another protester beaten unconscious in the street on Bloody Sunday circulated globally, calling attention to protests in Alabama. Ran for Congress from Alabama in 1964, the 1st female African-American ever to do so & the 1st female of any race to run for the ticket of the Democratic Party in Alabama. As of today she is 101 years old."


    Mothers and Daughters of Invention: Notes for a Revised History of Technology - Autumn Stanley - Google Books

    Tiny Broadwick, first woman parachutist

    Kang Tongbi (Kang Tung Pih) 康同璧, circa 1905. "The daughter of a Chinese intellectual, Tongbi was the first Asian student at Barnard. After the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911, Tongbi returned to China and became involved in feminist causes. Unlike many other women of her class, Tongbi’s feet had never been bound as her parents objected to the practice. In Shanghai, Tongbi co-founded a Tianzuhui (Natural Feet Society) with a female doctor." ... [cont'd]

    In 1982, Virologist Françoise Barré-Sinoussi identified HIV as the cause of AIDS, for which she was awarded a Nobel Prize.

    Before the Williams Sisters - Margaret and Matilda Peters, affectionately known as ‘Pete” and Repeat’. The Peters made history with their doubles record from the 1930s to the 1950s. At a time when African Americans were not allowed to compete against whites, the Peters sisters played in the American Tennis Association, which was created specifically to give blacks a forum to play tennis competitively. Inducted into the USTA’s Mid-Atlantic Section Hall of Fame in 2003.

    Frances Glessner Lee (March 25, 1878 – Jan. 27, 1962) was a millionaire heiress who revolutionized the study of crime scene investigation. She founded Harvard's department of legal medicine, the first program in the nation for forensic pathology.

    MARIE MARVINGT. was a French athlete, mountaineer, aviator and journalist. Won prizes for swimming, cycling, mountain climbing, winter sports, ballooning, flying, riding, gymnastics, athletics, rifle shooting and fencing. The first woman to climb many of the peaks in the French and Swiss Alps. A record-breaking balloonist, a pioneering aviator and during World War I became the first woman to fly combat missions as a bomber pilot. She was also a qualified surgical nurse,

    Ruth Westheimer - After her family was taken by the Nazis and disappeared in 1941, she fled to British Palestine. The Israeli Army trained her as a sniper. She was injured and had to learn to walk again.

    Nikola Tesla ...

    These unknown women created the whooping cough vaccine. Make them known - share this!

    Imperious, generous & intrepid, Margaret Bourke-White, 1st female war correspondent behind the lines. A thorn in the side of male photographers, always in the middle of combat, capturing the true photos of war. One of the first to enter Buchenwald in 1945, she took some of the most heartbreaking photos of the war. Her body of work is one of the most produced and famous of the 20th century.

    Another overlooked woman: Helena Florence Normanton (1882-1957) was the first woman to practise at the English Bar in 1922, the first female barrister to lead the prosecution in a murder trial, to conduct a trial in America, and to represent cases in both the High Court and the Old Bailey. She was also one of the first two women, along with Rose Heilbron, to become Kings Council. She was a passionate believer in social reform, a pioneer in the legal profession and a champion of women’s rights.

    Mavis Bately, right, and her future husband Keith in 1942 while they both worked as codebreakers on the Enigma project. Mrs. Bately helped to unlock the nearly impenetrable Nazi secret service codes. She died on November 12, 2013 at the age of 91.

    "It was well-acted but in parts it was extremely stupid," she said of the cinematic effort to portray her wartime exploits. "At one stage they had me cooking eggs and bacon to feed the men. For goodness' sake, did the Allies parachute me into France to fry eggs and bacon for the men? There wasn't an egg to be had for love nor money. Even if there had been why would I be frying it? I had men to do that sort of thing."

    Clara Shortridge Foltz (1849-1934) was the first female lawyer on the West Coast. The Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles was renamed for her in 2002. She became a lawyer to support herself and her 5 children after her husband left them. She introduced the then-radical idea of a public defender for indigent criminal defendants, was active in the suffragist movement, and ran for governor at the age of 81.

    -"Women can't do math/science/leadership." Except we can, we are. Gender roles and stereotypes hurt women.-

    Over the years Eartha White operated a department store, a taxi service, and a steam laundry, and was licensed as a real estate broker, a census taker and a social worker. Known as the Angel of Mercy for her lifetime of humanitarian and civic service, Eartha White served the sick during the Spanish American War, was the only woman member of a sixty-member inter-racial War Camp Community Service Conference during World War I, served as a member of President Wilson's White House Conference, and...