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    Juana Galán - June 6,1808, battle in Valdepeñas vs. Napoleon's troops, there was a lack of sufficient men to defend the village. She encouraged women to go out and fight. Other women poured hot water through windows and boiling hot oil on the road, while she was armed with a baton. She took to the street to fight against the French cavalry. Through this battle, the French army abandoned the province of La Mancha and was delayed at the Battle of Bailén, which ended in victory for the Spaniards.

    Evening of Waterloo by Ernest Crofts. The French army is in a route, and Napoleon is urged to leave the Battle Field, while the Old Guards protect his carriage.

    Battle of Waterloo was fought in 1815 near Waterloo in present-day Belgium, An Imperial French army under the command of Emperor Napoleon was defeated by the armies of the Seventh Coalition, comprising an Anglo-Allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington combined with a Prussian army. #apeurogpnpin

    Napoleonic Egg, 1912. This egg is made of yellow gold, covered with green enamel panels, rubies and diamonds. Created to commemorate the centenary of Russia's victory over the armies of Napoleon - and in particular the victory at Borodino in 1812 - double-headed eagles and battle trophies also decorate the egg's surface.

    Napoleon in Berlin (Meynier). After defeating Prussian forces at Jena, the French Army entered Berlin on 27 October 1806. (wiki)

    Juana Galán was known for  beating Napoleon’s troops out of her village during the Battle of Valdepeñas in June, 1808. There weren’t enough men to defend the village from invading French. Juana, 21, immediately rallied all of the women in the village. When the French troops marched in, the women dumped boiling oil on top of them. Juana stood in the street with a large club and beat seven shades of shit out of any French soldier that crossed her path. The French never returned.

    Napoleon reviewing his troops after the Battle of Marengo, by Gros.

    Napoleon at the Battle of Lodi-Keith Rocco

    The Emperor Napoleon addresses his Guard during the Battle of Waterloo June 18, 1815.

    Napoleonic Battle

    The Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815