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18 Iconic Ponytails Through the Years

CHER: A gracious and energetic performer, Cher delivers the goods flawlessly with a wide breadth of emotion, enthusiasm and sincerity! Her performances are that of a true diva, including songs, ever changing outfits, dazzling light and dance sequences, acrobatics and a multimedia montage of sound and video clips highlighting her 36-year music and film career. None of this, of course, is any surprise. In fact, it's expected of a pop icon like Cher. But shining through all that glitter and flash came her most impressive attributes: an unwavering voice, a die-hard spirit and a presence on stage that screams, "I'm still here!" Cher can always strut on stage in an outfit best described from a mix of medieval court fashion, Neanderthal sportswear to sheer haute couture🎤🎭🎬

L' pureté! Danse ta vie enfant et grandis dans l'espérance d'un monde sinon meilleur qu'hier,peut-être moins triste qu'aujourd'hui...