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Petrova's Doppelgangers.

The Vampire Diaries Amara,Tatia,Katherine & Elena It should be Katerina Petrova. It is Katherine Pierce.

Lol. Damon-Katherine-Stefan love triangle is/ was (tear tear wipe wipe #Rip Kat) funny!

Damon, Elena (or Kathrine) and Stephan's "Not bad" faces.(the old man face!

ian somerhalder and Nina Dobrev image

Ik right I mean gotta love Nikki reed from Twilight but Ian totally belongs with Nina

la serie que miro actualmente (me encanta)

Vampire Diaries The Originals ♥ the characters live up to their names meanings but I love how when the show has explored their flaws and darker sides, they are portrayed as the exact opposite as what their names imply

Amara, Kathrine and Elena. Three character, one actress. Nina Dobrev is the best!!The Vampire Diaries

Amara, Kathrine and Elena. Three character, one actress. I have to admit, Nina is a good actress since they all were totally different from each other by their character, facial expressions etc.