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Flaming Torch Billbergia pyramidalis Billbergia pyramidalis is a bromeliad, named for 19th century Swedish attorney and amateur biologist Gustaf Johan Billberg. Like most bromeliads, Billbergias are native to tropical regions, but have adapted well to semi-tropical climates, such as Florida in the United States

54342-01 Anemone canadensis | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Campsis chinensis (syn. Campsis grandiflora) “Chinese Trumpet Creeper”

"'Billbergia nutans' gets one of its common names, 'Queen's Tears', from the drops of nectar that "weep" from the flowers when the plant is moved or touched." It is also known as the 'Friendship Plant' & is native to Brazil's rainforest; also found in Argentina and Uruguay.

LARGE Mystery Air Plant // air plants tillandsia by PetitBeast, These are my style, super easy care!

wonderful!!! Thunbergia mysorensis by florabunda, via Flickr

tillandsia display. if we did tillandsias, then we would only need to soak them once every couple months :)