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A bunch of billbergia

Bromelia Billbergia

Billbergia brasiliensis

Flaming Torch Billbergia pyramidalis Billbergia pyramidalis is a bromeliad, named for 19th century Swedish attorney and amateur biologist Gustaf Johan Billberg. Like most bromeliads, Billbergias are native to tropical regions, but have adapted well to semi-tropical climates, such as Florida Got several of these...

Billbergia 'Muriel Waterman' ? by tanetahi, via Flickr

Queens Tears Plant | Beginner Houseplants: Re Billbergia Zebrina - Queen's Tears


Scilla peruviana

Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major) by Bill Higham: This diminutive orchid, 15-20mm long, is found in eastern and southern Australia. #Flowers #Orchid #Flying_Duck

anemone canadensis

air plant trellis


air plants


Glistening Sun-Orchid: Thelymitra lucida - by Macro Orchids Tasmania, via Flickr

Air plant Tillandsia Tillandsias are really very hardy plants and require much less attention than other house plants. Start by completely submerging your new plant for 20-30 minutes after bringing it home - turn it upside down, shake off the excess water and set it in an area with good air circulation to completely dry before placing in your hand crafted mudpuppy air plant container.

roses trémières

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

Eschscholzia californica Rose Chiffon

Dracula roezlii (raven) "Edgar" Orchid, grown by Hawk Hill Nursery, photo © by Eric Hunt