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In my past life I was a cowboy... just love them boots and jeans:)

I want a big photo of my man like this hanging in the living room.

The things is, even though I live in the city, and love it, I long for this. This is perfect to me.

The most necessary thing for a cowboy: his hat! Meet live cowboys and hear cowboy songs and stories at our Wild West exhibit, coming in February!

Just a picture can make me melt... reminds me of my cowboy!

Big Sky Cowboy I love to hold fndraisers. If you're in need of a fundraiser check out for candle fundraising info. The profit of selling one 16 oz candle is equivalent to selling 14 candy bars or "If You're Not A Rodeo Fan...BUCK OFF!!" shirts. Check out EBay for shirt info. $5 of each shirt sold will benefit your organization.

Hooked on an eight second ride...

To all you ladies that follow me, that think a cowboy is some sexy stud with 6 pack abs and saddle thrown over his shoulder, That is not a cowboy, Hes a wanna be just like you. This is a real cowboy. Someone who works as hard as his horse.

I've had the privilege of being able to do this in the Uncompahgre range of mountains in the Rocky Mountains where my dad also had his horses.

There's just something about a cowboy.....

Horses can't talk but they can speak if You listen... #horseandboy