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back door herb garden, you can start some herbs inside by simply placing a cutting in a container of takes a few weeks & you'll see it's roots. start rosemary, oregano, marjoram, basil & mint too, create several new plants this way. taking cuttings and rooting them for replanting inside, start them in pots soon Susan Ache

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PinkWhenfrom PinkWhen

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Herb Garden Pallet with The Home Depot #Digin #ad #HeartOutdoors | Jennifer West Awesome & Nice Home Garden Ideas.


Maceteros para la terraza a partir de dos palets

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Great Inspiration for a vertical garden. Make sure if you're going to use any pallet pieces and want to grow anything like an herb garden that you allow for water drainage and that the pallet is food safe. You can Google "food safe pallet" to learn how to tell which ones are safe and not sprayed with poison chemicals.

The Garden Glovefrom The Garden Glove

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Sedum and Succulent Planters • Tips, Ideas and Tutorials!

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How to make a wooden planter - Projects: Garden DIY -

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This option would be cheaper on the blank side of the garge compared with the bigger one I posted.......could just set all my pots on it.

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Natural yards site voted 2009 Editors choice organic gardening. Love their products. Build a garden anywhere the sun shines. Must see site.

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Here is my tiered plant stand I made from 2 stair templates that I got from Home Depot. The whole thing cost me $25 to build. It measures 36" wide by 30 " deep.

Decor and the Dogfrom Decor and the Dog

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DIY Tiered Herb Garden. Great raised herb garden for decks!

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A-Frame Plant Stand Set | Buy from Gardener's Supply... If my herbs make it through the summer, I want one!!!

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Garden Plant Stand Woodworking Plan, Outdoor Patio Furniture Project Plan | WOOD Store

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Taking down the curtains in the kitchen and adding glass shelving for these: 13 Easy to Grow Herbs for Winter Windowsill Gardens

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SET OF TWO Square Foot Cedar Planter Box for your Organic Garden - Made in Costa Mesa via Etsy


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Water Features for Any Budget : Home Improvement : DIY Network: Small and simple water features find a place on any patio or deck.

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we have some concrete steps which I would love to clear this year an fill with pots of geraniums

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natural plant stand

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DIY hanging herb garden using trellis from Home Depot and hanging planter pots from Ikea. Great way to grow herbs for a rental or apartment patio, as they are not in the ground. More on