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    weight loss inspirational quotes | losing weight motivation - Motivational quotes and posters

  • Tammy Waterson

    The Cruise Control Diet - A whole foods approach to weight loss and overall health. #cruisecontroldiet #healthy #diet #health #fitness #weightloss

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  • Transforming Woman

    Now take the next step and start doing the work, make the commitment to yourself,TODAY! Become a TW, become a healthier, fit, happier, YOU! Email me: or Inbox me: to get a kick start with your Journey. Need tips and motivation I'm here. Need a meal plan or a suggested workout plan I'm here. The New Year Special is still going on just for you. One day at a time and you'll reach your goal, come transform with me! Transform Woman!

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    Losing weight motivation - Fitness Inspiration #fitness #inspiration #BeFit

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SO TRUE!!! It's not about just "acting" healthy.. don't talk about it, be about it. What you eat in private will show in public, so be real with it..

at the gym and don't have time for your shit.

I am Created in God's Image. It's okay to acknowledge the good and thank Him for it!

Ain't that the truth! It's hard to get back once you stop. Especially with a 6 month old... No more excuses!

Have I mentioned how much I love to play w/ truck tires? Somehow, I don't quite look like that though. :/

This can apply to so many different areas of life. Just keep going!

(gangster rap is playing on my ipod, "let's do some motherfucking crunches")

Based on this, I need to lose 40 more pounds. I KNOW I can do it, it's just going to take a while.