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Boob pillow. Because they don't always want to snuggle with one another..? Yes, this is a real product. Hahahahaha!


How to tell.

My cats been plotting for a long time now...

"When you hear a cat purr, it may sound like the cat is happy. That's impossible since the only emotion a cat feels is contempt. Purring is the sound of the cat's heartbeat. It speeds up when you pet it, because it senses you're close enough to be attacked." LOLOLOLOL!


I told a chemistry joke today...

chem jokes. the best kind of nerd jokes. Chemistry would have been soooo much easier had my teacher utilized these.

No I'm sarcastic in my dreams as well (made me think of you @Kelsie Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery England)


I like sleeping because...

I feel like this often!

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