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Out of all the people that could have broke me. Pulled me apart. Made me feel worthless. Made me believe I'm not good enough for anyone or anything. Why did it have to be you? You were the one person I thought I could trust. I loved you so much and I still fucking do. Why did you do that to me? I just wanted to make you happy.

I take my heartbreak out on my family and for what? Because I'm too ashamed to say that you hurt me and that I actually loved you - L

Idk what I did that was so wrong but maybe I do. They say karma's a bitch so I must have done something. I just wish I knew what.

betrayal. When you tell something to someone it should only be intended for that one person. They should be privaledged that you felt like you can tell them. If you dont have trust, you dont have friendship.

It just makes you understand that it works differently for another, even though it hurts. A lesson! :-)

I miss you and the memories we were the one who made me believe that true love existed...I miss being around you...I miss the way you made me feel...some days I'm fine. But today I'm not...I'm really missing you tonight. Idk why because you hurt me so badly...I don't understand how someone can love a person even after they've hurt them so badly. Anyways...I wish you knew how much I miss you, the memories, the way you made me feel, and everything else...<3

Remember that promise you made me... You told me no matter what to remember that promise. But I haven't forgotten but you have forgotten about me. I trusted you! You took that trust and threw it away like it meant nothing to you. I can't believe this happened. I never pictured you to be this type of guy. I can't trust anyone anymore..

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Love, lies and truth quotes.

I knew the truth already because the one that was lying to you told me the truth before you could cause all the pain. I was worth the truth.

But for me that goes for everyone I ever confided in and trusted... trusting no one because you'll end up hurt one way or another.

His option... Leaving you for someone else. You're my priority, I'm not giving up on you no matter how hard this all is. I hope you figure this out soon..

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn, was how to make myself feel better instead of asking for help from the same person that made me hurt to begin with ...

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trust me I don't want you out of my life, ever.

Actually, one person truly knew me. He knew everything about me. The good, the bad, the everything. I trusted him with every piece of me, and he broke my heart. He let me down. I opened up to him, and I trusted him, after I told him that I had trust issues! Guys like him are the reason I have trust issues.

Babe you promised me so much, I trusted everything you said but now I question everything

And it always happens.... When will I ever find a good person? Oh, wait, I know that answer already: NEVER!

When you start to wonder whether you can trust someone or not, that is when you already know you don't.

Yh u knew a lot about me and you chose not to stay... You hurt me when I needed love the most but idk I just can not hate you ...... I'm disappointed