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from Kevin & Amanda

Photography Tutorial: A Quick Guide to Understanding Your DSLR Camera

Photography Tutorial

Photography Cheatsheets - Shooting Modes everything anyone with a camera wants to know.

Camera photo photography shoot long tips help make life abit easier #nikon #canon #sony

from Sweet C's Designs

Know your DSLR Lenses

dslr lenses- get to know all about telephoto, prime lenses, wide angle and kit lenses! Which to use for faces, which to use for places, and everything in between. (great info for beginner photographers) #photography #DSLR #camera

from momswithacamera

Exposure Tutorial Part Three: What is ISO?

I chose this pin because the pin tells us about all of the different types of exposure. I really like this pin because this pin tells me about the lighting I should put on my camera , depending on the sun.


How to get a blurred background

A Step-by-step guide to getting a blurred background in camera. This little trick is used a lot in portrait photography, as it lets your subject stand out and be the main focus, and is oh so simple to do!

Photography 101: Know Your DSLR Dial

from Bloglovin’

Canon EOS Cameras: 100 things you never knew they could do (Digital Camera World)

Canon EOS Cameras: 100 things you never knew they could do