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What Disney characters might look like in real life.


I agree... *YOUTHS*

Only about 2% of the world has red hair , so I'm basically a majestic unicorn!

or you need to sneeze right after you applied your mascara and it's still wet! LOL!!!! I clean it with a Q-tip!!

This Honey Badger don't care! Award this fierce critter to your biggest go-getter. Customize the engraving on the base for free with your own special message!

This Monty Python Emulator | 14 People Making The Best Of Bad Situations

One of those days!

Q: What happens when an egg laughs? A: It cracks up.


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If Ron Swanson Quotes Were Motivational Posters *Sam Nameless: These are perfection.* #ParksAndRecreation #RonSwanson #BuzzFeed

15 Of Andy Dwyer Quotes As Motivational Posters…I might have just smeared my makeup haha

the pledge of allegiance does not end with 'hail satan'

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"This is it, I've found it, I'm in hell." Ouiser Boudreaux...Steel Magnolias. Been quoting her all my life!

Steel Magnolias...."Well, I haven't left the house without Lycra on these thighs since I was 14." "You were brought up RIGHT..." lol

The adventures of George Washington

Adventures of George Washington