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    Miep Gies Jan 11, 2010 weeks shy of her 101st birthday. Gies worked for Otto Frank’s Amsterdam pectin co. & was the main caretaker of the Franks, including Anne, and the four other Jews who hid for 25 months in the business’ back rooms. Those hiding in the Secret Annex managed, with the help of Gies, her husband & four co-workers, to evade capture by the Nazis until Aug. 1944. Dispersed to various concentration camps, only Anne’s father returned alive. And while you're reading this, check out Anne Frank's Diary. :)

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“Farm Woman using her electric mangle” By J. M. Butzko, Montgomery County, Indiana, August 12, 1930 Between World War I and II, laborsaving machinery changed housework. Electric washing machines, mangles (a machine for pressing cloth), irons, and vacuum cleaners made individual tasks much easier, but higher standards of cleanliness, fewer domestic workers,

Elvis Presley with parents

Louisa May Alcott, nurse during the Civil War and well known author, wrote "Little Women" Love this close up!

Pony Express history

Catherine "Kate" German, who was taken captive with her sisters, Sophia, Julia, and Adelaide, by Cheyenne Indians after their family (mother, father, 3 siblings) were killed in Kansas in 1874. Only the four youngest, Sophia, Catherine, Julia, and Adelaide, were spared and taken captive. The two youngest, Julia and Adelaide, age 7 and 5, were subsequently abandoned on the prairie in what is now the Texas panhandle. Sophia and Catherine were kept by their Cheyenne captors until rescued in 1875.

Just amazing - wow amazing lady

A dangerous woman in the most literal sense, Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina was a sniper in the WWII Soviet Army. She racked up at least 54 kills of German soldiers before her death from wounds at age 20. She served part of the time in an all-woman sniper unit. Before the war she worked as a kindergarten teacher.

The Bielski brothers,True Heroes! three Jewish brothers who saved 1200 Jews, by hiding in the forest for 2 years. Made into a film called ''Defiance'' starring Daniel Craig in 2010 #History #WWII


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Hartford, CT


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most attractive eye roll in history