Bottle cap table top...

Tree stump side table

What to do with all your leftover bottle caps?! Check it out!

A repuposed fish cutting board with hammered bottle cap scales. By Sara Field

Beer pong table made out of bottle caps! :D- for stevens bottle caps?

our bottle cap table- finally finished!

Pallet, foam, table legs, fabric and a staple gun. Seriously? So pretty. I am going to have to do this one!

making a penny table!

This coffee table had a great design and the color turned out great. This table can be customized to fit your wants or needs.

Bag caps

Bottlecap bar top? Or maybe table top for card / game table?

Table made from bottle tops

DIY - How to Make a Table Topped with Letters

Reclaimed wood bar tap. I love this idea. Great way to use extra pallets.

DIY Butterflies Made From Plastic Bottles simple craft for my Pal friends, too !

Bottle cap wind chime

This is a table with 949 beer bottle caps on top of it. 389 Budweiser (red stripes), 346.5 Bud Light (white stripes), 163.5 Big Sky Brewing (blue), 50 Miller Lite (stars). The caps are sealed under a clear resin to keep them permanent.

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