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  • Matthew Marshall

    Captain Picard always knows what to do. - #startrek #engage #wedding #geek #cptpicard #proposal #ring

  • Olivia B 🌻

    Star Trek Engagement Ring. Funny!

  • Mira Watts

    Star Trek. View more geek wedding ideas from Suburban Fandom

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Animals laughing. lol the dog is hilarious just for the way the cat is looking at him

Me-"Okay.......I'm trying to think of a happy hero besides Donkey an I can't....."

Funny more funny pics on facebook:

I understand this guy.....I want to do this every time I pass one of these messes. Makes me crazy.

I'd totally be a Vulcan anyway. My logic brings all the Vulcan males to the yard and they're like, "I believe our arrival appropriately shows our interest in what you have to offer reproductively."

I'll always be OK with this formula! // I love it when the good guy wins! :)

One does not simply walk into Mordor...Bitch please! Go, Sam! #autism #aspergers #LOTR

Joss Whedon. If you can, find a video of this whole talk that he did. It was for an event and it is wonderful. This man is one of my heroes

Meme usage in Malaysia

The Flash will help you....this is so will be Karyne Batson children at the family vacay of comic cons....presh

The X-men are probably my favorite super heroes ♥ buy the poster here #Xmen