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  • Gail High

    Clay pot people. Website has turorial and other cute ideas. Kids would love making these.

  • ToniMarieSBC

    This is a really Cute Project that would look Great in anyone's yard and its Rather Simple to do just use your imagination This is for the smaller clay pot flower people Supplies: (2) 10-inch clay pots (4) 2-inch clay pots (1) 11-inch clay saucer (optional) (4) wooden beads that are slightly larger than the holes in the 2-inch pots (1) 3-inch wooden bead Thin jute cord Water-based polyurethane sealer Epoxy glue Outdoor acrylic paint in blue, red, white and black The plant of your choice to become your person's hair (ferns work well.) Instructions: Seal all the pottery and let it dry according to the directions on the label. Turn one 10-inch pot upside down, and paint on the shirt and overalls to create the body. Seal the paint after it dries. Keep the second 10-inch pot right-side up and paint on the face. Seal the paint after it dries Cut 2 lengths of jute, 24-inches in length each. Thread one bead onto one cord and push it to the middle, gathering both ends of the cord in one hand. Thread both ends of the cord through the hole in one of the 2-inch pots. Add another bead to one end of the cord, push it down to meet the first pot, and then thread both ends of the cord through another 2-inch pot. This makes one arm. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 to create the second arm. Thread all four cord ends through the hole in the body pot, and then thread them through the 3-inch bead on the inside of the pot. Leave enough length on the cords so the pot arms hang just beyond the edge of the bottom pot. This will keep them clear of the head pot when you attach it. Once you have your arms placed where you want them, tie a secure knot with the loose ends on the other side of the bead to hold it in place. Cut off any excess cord. Run a ring of epoxy glue around the edge of the body pot, and place the head pot on top. Allow it to dry. When the glue is totally dry, lift your person by the bottom pot and set it in the saucer. Set a potted fern inside the head for your person's hair, and place it in your garden. Now here is for the BIGGER Clay Pot Flower People Materials Needed: 12 Clay Pots - approximately 17 cm or 6-inches 12 Clay Pots - approximately 22 cm or 8-inches 2 Clay Pots - approximately 30 cm or 12-inches 1 Clay Pot - approximately 26 cm or 10-inches Paint Clear Acrylic Sealer -Strong Glue Approximate 3-inch thick styrofoam -approximately 6 feet square Small Metal Chain - approximately 3 1/2 meters or 4 yards - (Sherri suggests that you can use thin rope or thick wire instead of chain) Paint Brush Large, Sharp Knife Scissors or Wire Cutters Instructions: Start off by painting the pots however you like. You can paint different designs or shapes or paint the pots to look like clothing and a face. The 17 cm or 6-inch pots will be the flower pot person's arms, the 22 cm or 8-inch pots will be the flower pot person's legs, the 30 cm or 12-inch pots will be the body, and the 26 cm or 10-inch pot will be the head. Paint accordingly! Let the paint dry and then seal the paint with several thin coats of clear acrylic sealer. Use a large knife to cut the styrofoam info 12 pieces, each piece should be approximately 3-inches square. The exact size does not matter a lot, you just need the foam pieces to fit into the bottom of the 6- and 8-inch pots. Once you get them all cut, poke a hole through the center of each styrofoam square so the rope or wire can fit through it. Start assembling the legs of your flower pot person using the 8-inch clay pots. Tie a knot in one of the ends of the rope or wire. String a styrofoam square onto the rope or wire and push it down so it rests on the knot. If necessary, tie another knot in the rope or wire. Now slip the untied end of the rope or wire through the hole in the bottom of an 8-inch clay pot, going in through the inside of the pot and out through the bottom of the pot. The styrofoam square should rest against the bottom of the pot on the inside. Finish One Clay Pot Leg String another piece of styrofoam onto your rope or wire. Push it down so it rests on the bottom of the clay pot. Now, string another clay pot onto the rope or wire. The second clay pot should be pushed all of the way down so the inside of the pot rests on the foam. It should also overlap the first clay pot by a few inches. String on more styrofoam and clay pots in this fashion until you have a set of 6. Start Building the Second Clay Pot Leg Now string another 8-inch clay pot onto the rope or wire. This one should face the opposite direction and the others. String the rope or wire through the hole, starting form the outside and going in. When you push the pot all of the way down the rope or wire, the bottom of the pot should rest against the bottom of the 6th pot you strung on previously. Finish the Clay Pot Legs Add a piece of styrofoam like you did before, pushing it all of the way up and into the clay pot. Next, add another clay pot. Continue this until you have strung 6 more clay pots going in the opposite direction of your first 6 clay pots. Once all of your pots are on the rope or wire, we will need to cut and tie it. Before you cut your rope or wire, spread out the clay pots so that each set of 6 pots is separated by about 12-inches of rope or wire. Tie a knot in the end of your rope or wire and then cut off the extra rope or wire. Make the Arms For Your Flower Pot Person The arms for your flower pot friend are made the same way as the legs. Follow the same step-by-step directions (steps 2 - 5) and diagrams using styrofoam squares and the twelve 6-inch clay pots. Start Assembling the Flower Pot Body Now we can start assembling the flower pot person's body. You will want to assemble it in the spot where you will be displaying it. You want to try to avoid moving it once it is assembled. Place one of the 12-inch clay pots, right side up, in the spot where you will display it. Start off by tying a knot in one of the ends of what is left of the rope or wire. Thread the other end of the rope or wire through the hole in the bottom of the other 12-inch clay pot, going in through the inside of the pot and out through the bottom of the pot. Secure the non-tied end so it does not fall back inside the pot. Place the clay pot with the rope, upside down, on top of the other pot. Match up the edges as much as possible. If you want your flower pot person to be a little stronger, run a bead of glue around the top edge of each 12-inch pot before you put them together. Add the Legs to The Flower Pot Body Now we will add the legs. With your clay pot person's body sitting where it will be display, drape the extra rope or wire that is between the two sides of pots around the back of the bottom 12-inch clay pot. You can tie a knot in the rope or wire, behind the clay pot body, if it is too long. Position the legs however you would like them to sit in front of your clay pot person's body. Add the Arms to The Flower Pot Body To add the arms to your clay pot person, wrap the extra rope between both sets of arm clay pots around the rope you inserted in the top 12-inch pot. Finish Your Flower Pot Person Craft Finally, to finish your flower pot person craft, slide the 10-inch clay pot over the rope or wire that the arms are wrapped around. Secure the rope inside the pot by tying it. If you like, you can now plant a flow in this top pot! now Decorate paint as you want There are so many creative things you can do with this craft Check out where you can find all the instructions and even more variations of these flower pot people -----------------¥--------------- Friend *Follow *Share* For more great tips, DIYs, recipes and motivation, I am always posting awesome stuff on my timeline! ☆ Follow me ---> ★Visit my web site ---> ☆Join my Group--> ★Join my Team--> ☆ Follow Me On Pinterest at ★ Follow Me on Tumblr at ☆ Follow Me On Twitter at Friend *Follow *Share* Tag

  • Gretchen W.

    Garden pot kids! Too cute!

  • The Owner-Builder Network

    Good morning weekend! Are you looking for something to do with the kids? Show them these and see what they think. Projects like these are great for getting children interested in gardening and nature at an early age. If you plant with simple things like cherry tomatoes, they'll keep coming back to check on 'their tomatoes'. Discover more family friendly projects in our Garden Ideas album on our site at

  • Carrie Nighbert-Gross

    planter people make adorable, functional yard decor. Cute kid craft

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