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    • Michelle Drennen

      Haha... My best friend is OCD and cleans my house. Great idea

    • Kila Rohner

      Good idea, but I'm the OCD girl and can't keep my house clean.

    • Joy Pritchard

      This made me laugh, though of course, OCD is a serious condition and I don't mean to make light of it, just the part about people who like things nice and neat coming and cleaning my house.

    • Sara Eggland

      Does it mean I have OCD if my first thought was "Oh, that would be fun to be able to clean someone else's house!"?

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    EVERY SINGLE ONE! Actually I might have a problem :-

    this made me giggle out loud. in public.

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    Some of these are genius!

    whoa, this has to be the most obvious super power that no one ever thought of. whaaat?!

    Best security idea I’ve ever heard…

    Haha I actually want to do this now..everytime I think someone is staring at me lol ;)

    Whenever I lock up my car, I always press the button twice in a row to let all nearby thieves know I mean business. true! more funny pics on facebook: