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    • Lori Freese

      homemade wasp trap (although those look like yellow jackets to me...which is fine because i hate both).

    • Tish Slusher

      Prairie Story: Homemade Wasp Trap. What a brilliant idea! I bet it works like a charm do. Gonna have to try it!

    • Sydney Blade

      Homemade wasp trap. Taking this idea to the park this summer

    • Diana Gardner

      Homemade wasp and bee trap. Hopefully it works!

    • Thelma Pena

      Homemade Wasp killer Take a plastic bottle & cut the neck off. Remove the cap,flip the neck upside down, and place the neck into the bottle. Tape and/or staple the top together. Bait the trap. The wasps should enter the trap completely in order to access the bait. Some bait ideas include: Meat - Dishwashing liquid and water Sugar and water Soda with a few drops of hand soap Hang it up outside. Empty the trap regularly. Be sure the wasps are dead before removing them.

    • Serena Goodwin

      Homemade Wasp catcher! I'm going to try this & see if it works. the store bought one didn't work on wasps, but did kill a Big Fat Spider!

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