Greek Goddess Hestia: "The archetype of inner centeredness, she is the 'still point' within that gives meaning to activity, she is grounded." ~ JS Bolen

Herculaneum by davetonkin, via Flickr

Lighting of the bowl that will carry the flame to London.

Fashion history drawing of hairstyles of women from ancient Greece

Drinking cup with olives, silver, ca. 50 B.C., Pompeii

During the Archaic Period, women often wore the Doric Chiton, which is illustrated here.

The ruins of the ancient Mycenaean town of Pavlopetri date back to the Neolithic period (2,800 BC), and unveil a cultural hub of ancient Greece. The submerged city was discovered three to four metres off the coast of southern Laconia, and has many intact buildings, courtyards, streets, chamber tombs and graves. Pavlopetri was believed to be a thriving harbour town and sheds light on many mysteries of the Mycenaean civilization.

Cariatides, Athens, Greece

Athens Ancient Greece lapbook pages.

Grecian dress. Feminine Greek chiton costumes worn by women of ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek Footwear

Athens, Greece

Zisa, wife of Tyr, is the ancient German Goddess of the Harvest. This Goddess of Autumn is honoured on September 28th, with a feast involving games and merrymaking. She is also viewed as the protector of the city who removes obstacles for those with just causes. According to some, Zisa was a ancient Germanic Goddess associated with War.

The Baths of Aphrodite in Cyprus....I wanna go here!!!

Vesta goddess of flame

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Peloponnese, Greece

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The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World : Temple of Artemis

Women dressed as vestal virgins acted as guardians of the flame during the lighting ceremony. The torch, specially made for the lighting ceremony, was used to transfer the flame to the archaic pot which was taken via an ancient pathway to the site of the first Olympic Games.