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Greek Goddess Hestia: "The archetype of inner centeredness, she is the 'still point' within that gives meaning to activity, she is grounded." ~ JS Bolen

The lighting ceremony of the Olympic flame in ancient Olympia, Greece

part of the Olympic Flame ceremony, Ancient Olympia, Greece

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Ancient Greek Weapons and Carts Chromolithograph 1894

Ancient Greek weapons and carts.

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In pictures: Olympic flame is lit

Women dressed as vestal virgins acted as guardians of the flame during the lighting ceremony. The torch, specially made for the lighting ceremony, was used to transfer the flame to the archaic pot which was taken via an ancient pathway to the site of the first Olympic Games.

Ancient Olympia set for Olympic flame lighting ceremony, April 2016

Hestia, the Greek Goddess of the hearth

The ancient ritual of lighting the Olympic Flame, Olympia, Greece