Beautiful works by Xi Pan, Chinese born artist. I see strong influences of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele (one of my all time favorites) in her work.

Xi Pan

Egon Schiele, no; é di Xi Pan.

La Chambre Rose by Xi Pan

Early Spring I Gustav Klimt

Blog of an Art Admirer: Women in Painting by Xi Pan Chinese Artist


Gustav Klimt

Hope Gangloff

Rene Magritte "Man in a Bowler Hat, 1964"

Xi Pan

Gustav Klimt

Klimt 'The Kiss' Significant to my love.

Portrait of Gertha Felssovanyi, 1902. Gustav Klimt

Contemporary Art - Michael Carson, American Artist ~ Blog of an Art Admirer. I love the swirl of the background!

Painting by Peder Monsted, Danish Artist


Egon Schiele.

Ode to Klimt by DanielaUhlig

Figurative Painting by American Artist Jeffrey T. Larson