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  • AliciA(Wichita27)

    Purple Black Hair {source} Hair Color Ideas

  • Elena Hinton


  • Latisha Fulton

    I love this shade of purple hair

  • kiersten adkins

    #purple hair #nose piercing #gold chains #eye makeup

  • Jennifer Perkins

    Ok I get the Beauty in the cotrast of her hair and skin tone but, (Seriously) who can actually Pull that hair color off in everyday Life?? What kinda Employer would let you work for them? (Besides Hairstyles, makeup artists, ect ect. I'm talking the average Joe kinda job!)

  • Renata Naxara

    purple hair #hair #cabelo #haircut #haircolor #color #cabelocolorido

  • Sonja Ginger

    punky color hair dye | Brightest Purple Hair | Hair Colors Ideas

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So this is how they do it... Pre-lighten hair to a level 7 using Naturlite (White), Aqua Boost, and 30 volume cream; Rinse Naturlite, Spray hair with Revamp, Comb through; Using 7rc, 7fr, 7bc, XBR, and 20 volume cream; Apply color from roots to ends; Process under heat for 15 min. and 15 min. out; Wet hair slightly, Emulsify, Rinse hair until water runs clear, Shampoo and Condition.

ima dye my hair white when i hit 60 and it will be long and lovely and ill be the hottest grandma.

I like how the rest of her face looks bare of makeup, but then she has the red lips. Beautiful hair.

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wavy long hair. Maybe I dont want to cut my hair. I think this is my favorite hair picture Ive found yet looking for hairstyles. lol

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Wish my hair would grow really fast and be this long!