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Make Cool-Aid, Not Kool-Aid

Summer is winding down—the heat not so much. So why don't you come on over and let me pour you a glass of this thirst quencher. We'll sit in the backyard and talk about how it's all-natural, free of artificial colors, and easily zero-calorie—and of course, lot's of other stuff. This refresher may lo...
  • Genny Hinkle

    Really healthy Kool Aid with no artificial sweeteners or colors!

  • Scotsman Home Ice

    Make Cool-Aid, Not Kool-Aid - Lexies Kitchen | kids drinks this summer, serve over #Scotsman Ice Scotsman Ice Systems

  • Katie Case

    Really healthy "Kool-Aid" with no artificial sweeteners or colors! LOVED this. Definitely making over and over this summer!! Can kids drink herbal tea?

  • Nora Carney Maeser

    Healthy Cool Aid not Kool-Aid with no artificial sweeteners or colors! ❀ 4 Celestial Seasonings HERBAL TEA BAGS, 4 cups boiling WATER, plus cold water to make 1 gallon, 2 TBsp raw APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (preferably Bragg's), LIQUID STEVIA CONCENTRATE

  • Kelly Fantastic

    Apple cider vinegar drinks

  • Laura Wright

    "Really healthy "Kool-Aid" with no artificial sweeteners or colors." This makes me excited! WE love Koolaide but I was wondering if there was a healthier alternative.

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Make Cool-Aid, not Kool-Aid #projectlunchbox #familyfreshcooking

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