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  • Michelle Miller

    Greatest thing ever! Its so funny. :D Supernatural S04E06 - Eye of The Tiger (Jensen Ackles) - YouTube

  • Lexi Franklin

    Dean Winchester rocks out Eye of the Tiger...(correction: Jensen Ackles. Sorry. :( )

  • Steffanie Kaestner

    Supernatural - Dean sings "Eye of the Tiger" I love this part. It's on of my favorite episodes... Gosh, he so delicious. Sigh...

  • Kristin Berg

    Supernatural: Dean WInchester. S04E06 - Eye of The Tiger. This -never- gets old.

  • Megan Crofts

    One of my all time favorite episodes! Supernatural S04E06 - Eye of The Tiger (Jensen Ackles)

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What episode was this? I don't remember this happening at all so I think I managed to somehow miss an episode or at least this part of an episode. If you know what it's called PLZ let me know.

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Jensen Ackles ... don't let them kid you.

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For anyone who needs this tonight. Jensen says, so you gotta listen. ;)

Oh Dean haha Abigail Hall some day we should eat pie during our Supernatural marathons, this brilliant idea just occurred to me :D

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