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  • Suha Subeh

    The Inspired Classroom clouds foldable

  • Sara Hash

    Clouds Classified by Altitude. This is a fun way to learn about the different types of clouds there are. This would be for a weather unit. It is a great way for the students who learn visually to learn.

  • Laura Green

    Fun writing project to define cloud types by The Inspired Classroom

  • Elise LaCanne

    science idea for clouds

  • Kayce Neal

    cloud types foldable and other great classroom ideas. I like this!!

  • Kim Collazo

    Clouds Classified by Altitude Great foldable for cloud types

  • Elizabeth Shipp

    Cloud project

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How Clouds Work by danmeth, via Flickr

Types of clouds. I think it would be good to also show heights of the three types of clouds. Cirrus high, stratus low, etc.

It's a bird, it's a plane... no it's cumulonimbus! Look at all the different kinds of shapes, sizes and patterns the clouds make int he sky! Here is a great way for children to learn how to identify the many fluffy wonders in the sky!

1st grade: clouds - flip book, art activity, anchor chart, visual high/low clouds

lift the flap cloud books with cotton balls, under the flap is a list of descriptions for each cloud

Week four crafts - Oceans as a whole Focus on the names, learning the names of the oceans and how the clouds are over us and the ocean. Look at the clouds outside, then read a cloud book

Make a CLOUD! Fun science activity for kids. For younger children, this will have to be a demo (aerosol hairspray or blown out lit match is needed in a glass jar), but the children can still observe and record their Scientific method steps and can 'touch cloud' afterwards! :)

Mrs.W Shop - types-of-clouds-book | Teachers Notebook

These clouds are super simple to create and offer an up-close look at how clouds collect moisture that turns into rain {or other types of precipitation} and falls to the ground. It also provides a fun opportunity for discussing the different types of clouds.