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Doctor Who/Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince meets the Doctor

Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere Throw Pillow

"Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere" (Belle and the TARDIS) Throw Pillow by Karen Hallion Illustrations - Awesome!

Les planètes du Petit Prince                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

♥♥♥ the lil prince

Маленький Принц

The Little Prince / © Kim Minji - illustrator

I know another one- hard dalek cold dalek, little can of hate, evil dalek angry dalek, ex-termi-nate

Pic: Soft Dalek, warm Dalek…

Soft Dalek, warm Dalek, little ball of hate. Happy Dalek, sleepy Dalek, ex-ter-mi-nate Dr.Who and the Big Bang Theory--- perfect

"The Little Prince"

The Little Prince notes-to-self

The Seagulls have the Phonebox Art Print by Karen Hallion Illustrations - $16.99

Mine, mine, mine The Seagulls have the Phonebox Art Print by Karen Hallion Illustration

Doctor Who + The Magic School Bus kendraw:  River Song makes me think of Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus So I did a little cross over- including the Doctor of course. GET ON THE MAGIC TAR-DIS!

River Song as Ms. Frizzle, the TARDIS as the Magic School Bus, and the Doctor as. This still blows my mind.

Ilustración basada en "El Principito"  Acuarela y tinta china by Victor Doria T. https://www.facebook.com/victordoriat/?fref=ts

watercolour inspired by "The little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery" Acuarela y tinta china El principito

Super Doctor Who

Celebrate the geekiest game that never was with this Super Time Doctor t-shirt by BazNet

Manuels Ikéa de science fiction - La boite verte

Manuels Ikéa de science fiction

There are supposed to be some bits left over right!

The 30 Best Dr. Seuss Mashups

The 30 Best Dr. Seuss Mashups

doctor seuss doctor who cat in the hat

Dr. Harold & the Purple Screwdriver...This is so awesome, my head may explode.

Doctor Harold

For all of my Dr. Who friends and Harold and the Purple Crayon kids! Dr-Harold-and-the-Purple-Screwdriver

Valentine's Day in Time and Space

Valentine's Day in Time and Space

Be My Valentine.Funny Doctor Who valentine ideas

Disney Princesses and the Tardis. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!! I dont why, but IT MUST NOT!

Doctor Who meets Disney Princesses