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Creepy dame

Some more farm girls for Richard.

I think Richard wouldn't say no...

Vampira....a little post-1920s, but she'll do.

And another!

Heck yeah! Constance Markievicz + Richard Harrow 4ever!

I just had to pin this.

A hardy farmer girl. Perfect match for a Wisconsin farm boy.

No comment.

Richard needs a lady who knows her way around a gun...

Sassy WWI Nurse. Perfect for morose WWI Vet.

Vintage Goth Chick. Loves disfigured WWI Vets.

This looks like one tough broad. She won't put up with any of Richard's BS.

Wilderness woman--she isn't afraid of a little, old facial scar. She skins bears!

It's a cartoon, yes, but you get the picture. A dark, brooding, slightly creepy lady for our dark, brooding, slightly creepy gentleman.

Edith prefers her men disfigured or homely.

Very sexy amputee--Richard would feel comfortable removing his mask (and ideally, his clothes, too) in front of her.

More possible lovers, again from the Battalion of Death

Any of these women would serve as a perfect mate for Richard--all from the Russian Women's Battalion of Death.