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  • Janet Shirey

    Natural Bridge Path through the Water

  • Gigi Fischer

    A walk on the water.

  • Muhammad faiz

    Amazing place

  • Mariya Olshevska

    The Plitvice Lakes (Croatian: Plitvička jezera) is a national park in Croatia in the Plitvice Lakes municipality, in the mountainous region of Lika. The park lies in the Plitvice plateau which is surrounded by three mountains part of the Dinaric Alps: Plješevica mountain (Gornja Plješevica peak 1,640 m), Mala Kapela mountain (Seliški Vrh peak at 1,280 m), and Medveđak (884 m).

  • Jim Luce (@jimluce)

    Plitvice Lakes | Croatia (by Gregor Samsa).

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Reminds me of the setting around the Rustic Fog, in Troll Or Derby.

Plitvice Lakes, #Croatia #Croatie Magnifique!! .............. #GlobeTripper | "Home-made Hosptality" | www.globe-tripper...

Even in the sunlight, it was clear that there were things hiding underneath the water's surface.

Like heaven showing you the way!, Follow and learn, sip then observe. @ meditation

"Sunbeams Through the Clouds" - is that patches of dispersing fog with the lingering smell of the ocean, or is there a plume nearby flavoring the air with smoke? "Is it a fire pit?" You may ask, "or something raging with a warning to turn back?" Or it might be the path to lookout mountain, a path skating around a bog, or... ~:^]>

“The sun shines not on us but in us.” ~ John Muir

The wooden path in Slovenský Raj National Park, Slovakia (by pxls.jpg).