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    A walrus hides its face in embarrassment as a man presents him with a cake made entirely of fish. WHAT?! Is this real?

    Most Bizarre Fish You’ve Ever Seen? A diver swims with a huge ocean sunfish, or Mola mola, off the coast of San Diego. They are the largest of the bony fish and often get mistaken for sharks due to their dorsal fins. They feed on jellyfish and plankton and are curious of humans, as seen in the photo. One threat to molas is drift nets, which they often get caught in, and garbage such as plastic bags that they mistake for jellyfish, their favorite food.

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    "Why you make face? I smell fine."

    Haha I laugh because it reminds me of my cats when I wash them!! This is what sad looks like - Imgur

    Cute story from National Geographic photographer... the poor seal was afraid his new friend was too stupid to live!

    Best dog shaming picture

    Log 6ix™ Dog Breath Freshener Mouth Spray is awesome! SPRAY AND KISS™

    Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food /

    "Namiko" Japanese Fighting Fish Figurine by Jay Strongwater at Neiman Marcus.

    Om nom nom

    The face!!! Hilarious :)


    Dog and fish friends.. Uh, those are koi fish, but still cute...

    He's smiling! So cute!

    I wish I could eat like number 4

    ******* LUV IT ******* 141023h... Wildlife Photography Collection vol1 giraffe kisses squirrel Wildlife Animals Photo Gallery #1