Chocolate-Raspberry Ice Cream...sounds soooo good!

dark chocolate ice cream

The Best Peach Ice Cream Everything you’ve been looking for: The perfect peach ice cream recipe to use the best of summer’s bounty.

cookie bowls! bake cookies on the bottom of the pan - then put ice cream in them... YUM

Kit Kat Ice Cream recipe - What I really should call this ice cream is “Kitty Cat” ice cream. My children are getting to the point where homemade ice cream is no longer impressive to them. They are so jaded. I try to tell them that not all mom’s make their kids ice cream from scratch. But they don’t believe me. When I made this, they were skeptical, but once they tasted it, they begged for more. “Mama, can I have some more kitty cat ice cream?” #icecream #chocolate

'Perfect White Party Cake with Raspberry Preserves' - Taste and Tell

[I'm a firm believer that ice cream is great year round!] Apple Pie Ice Cream from @Michelle Flynn (Brown Eyed Baker)

Orange Cream Cooler- Ingredients 1 Scoop vanilla protein powder 1/2 cup Low fat cottage cheese 15 1/2 tsp orange extract OR 4-5 True Orange Packets Or Actual Oranges 1/2 cupSkim milk OR Milk of choice OR Water8-16Ice cubes (varies based on desired thickness)2-4 Drops orange food coloring (or a mix of red and yellow)

I cannot wait for summer with all these ice cream recipes I am dying to try! Pomegranate ice cream!! recipes-future-food-projects

Baked Goods: Chocolate Cake with Pistachios and Raspberries

Lemon Raspberry cupcake

Banana Gelato (makes 4 servings) Ingredients: 3 large bananas 4 tbsp all natural cashew butter Cut up the bananas and stick in the freezer overnight. Place the frozen bananas in a food processor. Drop in the cashew butter and blend until smooth gelato texture forms. You can do this with a hand held immersion blender just as well. Scoop into 4 little bowls and serve.

chocolate cake

hOneycomb ice cream

Who doesn't love some espresso chocolate chip ice cream?!

The Master Ice Cream Recipe -

chocolate peanut butter ice cream

nutella-banana ice cream!

Make your own Homemade Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones! It's easy!