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Are You In Love With Ryan Lochte Yet?

Ryan Lochte is an Olympic swimmer, winner of several World championships in swimming, and holds a couple records in swimming times as well. He's posed to possibly beat Michael Phelps (and several o...

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the Olympics are starting soon? Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte.

Nathan Adrian...graduated with honors from Cal, Olympic gold medalist, wants to be a doctor.....Hi. BOYFRIEND

For the swimmers! Great promposal. This boy asked this girl to the prom by putting a sign in the pool during the last lap of the 500 meters at her swim meet. (note his dear friend behind him holding the flowers.) She said yes:-)

Inspired Living...: Happy Friday La Vie Est belle! Some more great Outfits!

you know that girl who cries over justin bieber on youtube? that's how i feel about zac

Life is a cruel bitter thing to not place me in this man's social circle. And when I say "social circle" I mean "sexy arms".

Her best friend soon fell in love with her co star Liam Hemsworth. Brooklyn and her began to loose touch because Miley was so caught up in her fame and Liam.