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1950's COCA COLA Fountain Soda

Everything CocCola - - Coca Cola soda fountain "Coke. Refresh Yourself" In the I had a play one of these. You put an open bottle of Coke in it & worked like the real thing

turquoise & vintage: picture perfect.

I ❤ COLOR AZUL TURQUESA + AQUA ♡ Remember when? Great color too. {I would always get so frustrated as a kid when I had to call home on one of these. My little baby fingers couldn't handle it}

Old Dr. Pepper Machine... loved, loved, loved Dr. Pepper out of these machines!

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coca cola ad 1951.. I remember those old coke boxes~!  I remember the ones with the handle too and those awesome baby cokes inside!

Coke 1951 I remember these kinds of dispensers.each bottle had its own slot. There was usually a bottle opener on the front, back(top), or side

Homemade Vick’s Vapor Shower Discs and Colds- So easy and can be made for less than $1.00!

Homemade Vick's Vapor Shower Discs and Colds Tips

Vick's Vapour-Rub in the GLASS JAR! My Mom's cure for everything.if I had a cold she put it on my chest and pinned a towel to the inside of my nightgown so it would keep my chest warm to heat the 'Vick's Salve'.

Remember when ... "And I Helped "

Remember when ... "And I Helped "