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  • Susaan Straus

    Art Nouveau = Spanish Moon Moth (Graellsia isabellae) is a moth of the silkmoth family Saturniidae.

  • Marcie Rhys

    Insects Galore!: Spanish Moon Moth Graellsia isabellae - A kind of luna moth, I guess? A real life Tiffany and just stunningly beautiful.

  • LetVent.Com

    Spanish Moon Moth looks like art deco leaded glass. (great to use for a stained glass project)

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Burn this Natural except for a blue wash for the wings. This would make a great pendant.

"For these are my wings both the same yet unique and only matched to me with these wings I'll be whatever I choose to be"...CAH'12

Moth with a panda bear draw, clearwing tussock moth (Perinea sp. family Lymantriidae), found in china. Photo: John Horstman

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I dreamed I had found cicadas on the floor at my parents' house and was trying to get them outside by trapping them in glass bowls -- then I realized that one of them was actually a luna moth emerging from a cocoon. I took it outside and it rested against my neck until it was ready to fly away.

moth. I looked at this picture and wondered what the butterfly would look like. Then I found it!

Luna Moth -- by ashockenberry.. Used to see these growing up all my life in Coker, Alabama.... It's been years tho....

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